5 Year Warranty comes standard on all our Sofa’s

The Sofa King philosophy is built around producing high-quality, versatile products.
Our materials are carefully considered with longevity and safety in mind, coupled with our friendly customer care team who are on hand for advice and assistance.
With every Sofa purchased we include a guardsman leather care protection pack including a 5 year Warranty .

The Extended Warranty we offer goes above and beyond!


Accidentally trip over walking with a live chainsaw and your sofa gets cut… You’re covered! NO JOKE… Only if its ‘accidental damage’
-All Accidental Stains COVERED
-Accidental Damage COVERED
-Human and Pet Bodily Fluids COVERED
-Ballpoint Pen and Lipstick COVERED

Warranty Exclusions:
Guardsman is not responsible for damage to the leather:
1. caused by, or arising from, an inherent defect in the leather or the furniture or the manufacturing process (including stitching);
2. caused to the leather prior to or on delivery or during shipment of the furniture or before the application of the Guardsman Leather Protector;
3. caused by normal wear and tear, including cracking and peeling, soiling from accumulated perspiration, body or hair oils, fading or colour loss, or resulting in an odour being impregnated in, or emanating from, the leather;
4. in respect of which a claim may be made against an insurance company or against the manufacturer and/or supplier of the furniture;
5. caused by mishandling, abuse, neglect, or a malicious or deliberate act, whether by human or animal (stains caused by animal bodily fluids allowed) or other agent or by sunlight (including fading), storm and tempest, lightning, fire, flooding, explosion, earthquake, aircraft or other vehicle impact, or by unusual use of the furniture;
6. resulting from a failure to pre-test the leather with the Guardsman® leather care products in accordance with the care and cleaning instructions on the bottles of the Guardsman® Protector and Guardsman® Cleaner;
7. as a result of animal damage;
8. from dye transfer from furniture accessories and rugs.

Warranty specifically excludes:
•General wear and tear, commercial use and damage caused as a result of failure to observe reasonable care, maintenance and assembly instructions for both furniture and hardware.
• Rips, wearing, pilling, creasing or fading of fabric or leather (unless its accidental)
• Glass breakage;
• Damage caused by wear and tear, misuse or improper cleaning;
• Softening of foam resulting from normal use;
• Damage incurred during handling and transportation of the product by the customer or their contractor;

In all instances where a product is not covered by one of our extended limited warranties a standard 12 month warranty will apply.

Guardsman (excellence in furniture care since 1915)

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